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Beef, It’s What’s for Dinner…NOT…I’ll Have an Egg Thanks

We eat a lot of eggs lately. Eggs for lunch. Eggs for breakfast. Eggs for dinner. There is something about eating protein before it’s born and developed arms and legs and wings and can cluck that makes eating protein seem a little less brutish. The problem with eggs is they are boring unless you dress them up with something that is inherently bad for you. Like bacon, sausage, or ham. Animal fat and salt and plenty of nitrates and no idea what those babies ate while at the factory “farm”. Probably ground up corn cobs, animal fat and salt and plenty of nitrates and I’ve no idea what else.

Cheese works with eggs too but if you eat it all the time you won’t poop well. Right now the old man is cooking me an egg. I will eat it with half a slice of toast and lots of ketchup. Ketchup is supposed to be bad for us now too. I’ve been eating ketchup on almost everything since I was weaned off the bottle. I imagine I will die soon from complications related to over consumption of ketchup.

So lately, whenever I can find it, I eat “Portlandia” ketchup, which, like the show, is Organic, Gluten Free, Vegan and Non GMO. I love Northwest hippies! It’s made in Oregon and certified organic by Oregon Tilth. That’s certainly a green pedigree and it’s a beautiful thing. It tastes really good too!

There are many things I used to eat that I don’t anymore, so eggs fill in the blanks. And more and more folks are raising chickens. Which means we can drive down the road and pick up fresh eggs at the muffler guy’s shop, (his sisters raise them), or drive a little farther and buy them from the hippies in the woods. They are fresh and locally produced and they are quality protein, which is hard to find these days.

Lately, I only eat factory farmed meat on rare occasion, thanks to Michael Pollan’s “The Omnivore’s Dilemma.” If you are considering giving up meat but having a hard time committing, read it. You will fold. I like Michael Pollan. He goes places other Omnivores avoid. Like feed lots full of cows being fed grains that their digestive systems were never designed for and so their feed is laced with cocktails of anti-biotics to treat their sick guts long enough for them to reach a reasonable weight to be slaughtered and sold to consumers who will reach into the cooler at Safeway like a good little Stepford Wife and walk away with a neat little package of beef that is so far removed from it’s original state you would never ever guess at the misery it endured to get to your plate.

I have to tell you, when I lived in the cattle country of Eastern Oregon I knew several ranchers. Now these cattle ranchers didn’t buy their beef from Safeway, and the smart ones didn’t eat at McDonalds either. These cattle ranchers sell the bulk of their cattle to the feed lots, but they keep one or two for themselves and the people they care about– friends, family and good neighbors–and they raise those cattle themselves on grass and hay. Not grain. Then when that baby reaches the proper weight, they have it slaughtered by the local butcher, who cuts and wraps it for them, and they fill their freezers and maybe sell a little to those people I mentioned earlier, the ones they don’t want to die from complications related to eating factory farmed grain fed meats, and everyone is happy.

Except for the poor cows from their herd who ended up being shipped to the feed lot of course. But the good news is that thanks to educators like Michael Pollan and sustainable farmer Joel Salatin, the demand for grass finished beef, (cows that have not been sent off to the feed lot to be stuffed with grain to give it the texture and flavor red blooded meat eaters are accustomed to), is growing and so less cows end up on feed lots. So I can find grass fed beef at Safeway now. And honestly, it’s not that expensive compared to the other stuff. It helps a lot because I have a meatball addiction. Those things are my Sicilian crack. They are the one red meat item that is consistently part of my diet. 

Eggs and meatballs. That is the bulk of my protein consumption. Things with rounded edges. Since I tend towards the maternal side of my DNA, which consisted of a lot of small round woman with facial hair issues, I guess it’s fitting that my tastes would run towards the softer edged culinary treats.

Happy Eating All. Hope it’s not McDonalds!

©Ilona Elliott, 2016







  1. One of my sisters has about thirty or forty chickens, she lives on a hill within shouting distance from our parents and my dad raids the henhouse like a big, overgrown fox (except he takes the eggs and not the chickens). Eggs are good.

    I reread The Omnivore’s Dilemma last year (or the year before, i can’t exactly remember) and it was an eye opener for me. Reading your post this morning makes me want to permanently boycott McDonalds, anew. The only reason I ever go there is on the way home from the Cascades when we reach the foothills towns, when it’s getting late and the boys want a milkshake because they walked miles and miles. But over time they’ve also gotten addicted to McDonalds hamburgers and the fact of that makes me squirm. I never ate at McDonalds for years and years until I fell in with a little group of friends that liked picking food up from there on the way to or from home when we were doing stuff in the woods all day and I didn’t want to seem uppity so I’d order right along with them (as you can see, I’m a man of rock-solid principles…..plus, I like me a Filet-o-Fish sandwich or two). And I guess from there it was a slippery slope. God, I’m such a nerd. Anyway, the irony is that we’d NEVER in a million years eat at someplace like McDonalds in the city…….. around here they’re vile, disgusting places and there are too many other good local chains to eat at, besides.

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    • It is a dilemma isn’t it. I guess we pick our poison and you gotta eat. I guess as long as we are not eating the crap daily, we are going to be okay. Gotta go make some eggs, lol!

      Have a good day TF.


  2. Even though we live in Iowa my husband and I eat like the Portland hippies we are at heart. My husband became a vegetarian and later a vegan for all the reasons Michael Pollan lays down. I followed suit because I didn’t want the same arteries my parents have. I’m not as strong-willed as he is, though. Dammit! So I give in every once in a while. And I’m a whole lot happier!

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