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I Liked Me, but I Didn’t Mean it

It’s a little embarrassing to be as technically inept as I am and try to keep a blog going.

I keep managing to like my own posts.

I’m not doing it on purpose.

I don’t know how I’m doing it.

I think it happens somehow when I try to like and approve other peoples comments.

I am not a narcissist.

I am not a cheater pants trying to make my likes per post look better.

I just don’t know what I’m doing.

Silly woman.

Me and Cosmo

The Author (on the right)


  1. You’ve been a little hard on yourself lately so I think accidentally liking your own posts a few times is not a bad thing. However, I think it’s funny how there are four separate pictures of you above staring back at me, haha!

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  2. Just so long as you don’t comment on your own posts, then reply to your comments, I think we won’t notice 😉

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  3. Last night I should’ve explained the reason I found all the same portraits staring back at me funny- is that the effect struck me as Warholian. And if you really don’t know what you’re doing I’m glad because it means I have some company.

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    • TF When I checked the post I didn’t see that. Have you been mushrooming? lol


  4. I’ve noticed that I’ve liked my own stuff once or twice. I always get embarrassed and hope people don’t notice! Haha. I have NO idea how it happens either.

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