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The Incredible Lightness of Being My Brain

My brain is such a light weight. Which pisses me off. I feed it really well. Lots of books, educational programming and internet searches heavy on information, continuing ed courses, and it’s still scrawny as a tweaker.

Despite the fact that I’m constantly trying to cram more information into it, it remains stubbornly and incredibly light. It’s like that thin lady you see in the grocery store eating a bag of powered sugar donettes as she pushes her cart full of Doritos, cheese and red meat around and you think “That woman is gonna get sick. She should wash her hands before eating those donettes. The skinny bitch.” Meanwhile, you’re starving and can’t wait to get in the car and un-button your jeans so you can eat a banana on the way home. Life is not fair.

At the very least, my brain should be as brawny as my ass, but it just isn’t, trust me. I’ve tried to figure out where all that information that I feed it is going, but the only explanation I can come up with is some kind of neurological tape worm. The thing must be a monster. It eats up every book I’ve ever read, every documentary film or program I’ve watched, every course I’ve ever taken. It leaves me a crumb or two to pick at sometimes. Usually the crumbs cannot be glued together into any recognizable explanation of anything. I’ve read ton’s of non-fiction books on all kinds of interesting subjects and I’m so fascinated by them while I’m reading them, but if I try to discuss any of it with anyone a week later I end up sounding like Sarah Palin on crack. There are  more holes in my memory banks than in Donald Trump’s platform. I’ve come to the conclusion that my brain is a lot like Swiss cheese only without the solid parts.

I guess I have a faulty file retrieval system. I can only retrieve bits and pieces of the stuff I’ve learned. The rest is impounded in some factoid filled neuro-junkyard of really interesting information and some pretty great ideas about things. Tapping into it would probably put Einstein to sleep, but it would help me do better at Jeopardy. As it is, I suck at that game. I’m much better at Wheel of Fortune, helping Vanna fill in the blanks. That skinny bitch.

Me and Cosmo

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  1. This is off your topic … But it’s funny that your post popped up. I was reading something by the author Elizabeth Berg and had stopped to stretch my legs (really just wanted an excuse to check my phone). Anywho… Your writing has always reminded me of Berg’s. She’s one of my favorite authors. You feel like you are sitting down and having coffee with her when you read her stuff. Have you ever read her?

    Liked by 2 people

    • I can’t remember. The tape worm might know. I will check her out. After I posted it I found a FB post on my site about Nora Ephron’s book, I Remember Nothing, which is pretty much the same topic. I loved that book. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it and her. Thanks Jean Marie!

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      • Yep, I have that book! Gotta love Nora! I get the same feeling when I read her, too. You have great company!

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  2. Oh, we must have the same tape worm. I have put so much quality stuff in over my life and I get nothing but cotton candy back. Cotton candy is okay, but it’s not very filling and it’s not all that healthy for you. But I’m really good in the common sense arena. I find that a lot of folks who have “brawny brains” ain’t getting their common sense card punched very often. I think there’s a cosmic karma that helps us Swiss Cheese brain folks… And you made me laugh with the Sarah Palin on crack comment. In reality, NOBODY could be that nonsensical… 🙂

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    • Damn tapeworms. I don’t even eat sushi. Love Swiss cheese though. Thanks for visiting agma.

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