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For the Refugees

May the wings of the angels open to shield you.

May the skies that you’re travelling under be blue.

May the kindness of strangers help to heal you.

May the goodness of your fellow man be revealed to you.


May the sustenance you feed your children be enough.

May the seas you travel all be smooth and never rough.

May your nightmares be vanquished by the power of love

May you find the opportunities you’re dreaming of.


May the home that you’re fleeing from see peace again.

May you find the rest you’re searching for until then.

May your children grow up to live in freedom.

In a world that respects the lives of all men.


May God help you on your way

And may you gaze again some day

On tended fields and fertile plains

And the ancient streets of your homeland.

But until then…

May you be blessed

By a thousand smiles and hands outstretched

May you be blessed.


© 2015 Ilona Elliott

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