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Teach What You Are Learning

Let’s talk about things without fear and in the spirit of learning/teaching. Thanks to Rian at Truth and Cake for this inspiring post!

Truth and Cake

Photo: Sachin Khona. Photo: Sachin Khona.
We are here to teach what we are learning. Not just what we’ve figured out and crystallized.

What we are scraping at, seduced by, frustrated with, in love with. What we think about in secret. What we worry we will never be good enough at.


That is the thing we are here to teach.

You will never arrive (the mark will keep shifting). So: start writing, recording, speaking, creating. Start showing up. Be honest about where you are. Honesty is the most compelling currency there is. There’s no need to fake it, contort it, half-truth it, or apologize.

You are learning. We all are. That thing you’re obsessed with, wondering about, poking around, saying, “some day?”

No one else sees it the exact way you see it.

It’s been written before?

Write it again.

It’s too scary to say? 

It needs your bravery as its…

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  1. Thank you for sharing. ❤


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