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What’s in a Name?

I’ve been thinking of the name of my blog lately–Rainy Day Writing. I created this blog in February. Sitting at my computer looking out the window. Before we started the addition from hell, the computer corner where I wrote was right next to a picture window. Just in case you get any Better Homes and Gardens imagery in mind let me tell you the “computer corner” is actually a board cut at an angle to fit in the corner of the very small room we laughingly call the great room. I covered it with fabric and supported it with a shelf bracket on one end and a  filing cabinet against the wall on the other end. It is functional as long as I don’t expect to eat or drink or write or do much of anything but type and if I keep the clutter to a minimum. I used to sit here and type and watch the birds flying by the window and the rain drops glistening on the shrubs in my wild-bird garden and get all dewy eyed about the scene unfolding just a foot away.

Now we have a half finished addition outside that window. The wall between it and the rest of the house remains intact until we can pass inspections and insulate the new exterior walls. I stare out the picture window at bare stud walls and the new window six feet away and get dewy eyed thinking about the #*@%!ng contractor who framed it and left us with a lot of re-work to do and put the old man in a bad frame of mind so that getting him to finish the addition is like getting Donald Trump to say something intelligent.

So I’ve been thinking I must have named the blog on a gentle rainy day in February. It must have been one of those days when the sun peeks in and out and showers deposit plump rain drops on the greenery outside that shimmer like mercury when the light hits them from it’s low February angle, and there are rainbows and wrens rustling about in the bushes and everything is like a fairy tale without the unicorns. Rainy Day Writing sounded like a dreamy title for a blog that day. Now, in August, and after I’ve read all the cleverly named blogs everyone else came up with, (something I should have done in February), it sounds kind of depressing. Which is sad, because my blog isn’t depressing, and might not even appeal to those people who are looking for witty depressing blog posts. It’s a misrepresentation. I think it’s kind of funny. Or at least humorous.

So I ask you “What’s in a Name?” Do you look at a title of a blog before deciding to take the time to read it? You know, like the way we all choose what wine to buy based on the label art?

I’m thinking of adding the word NOT to the blog title. Rainy Day Writing–NOT! What do ya think?



  1. I know where you’re coming from, because over time I’ve grown a little disenchanted with the name of my site, too. But for what it’s worth, I like “Rainy Day Writing” because for me it’s very evocative of my favorite kind of days to hole up and concentrate on things like journaling or looking at photographs I’ve shot the past few months and deciding what’s worth keeping. Been enjoying your site, keep up the great work.


    • Thanks TF. I kind of like your blog name. Is it meant to evoke images of giant Douglas Firs, because the is what it brings to my mind. I need to check out your blog!


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