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Road Flying


Along the Colmbia in South Central Washington

Road Flying

Throw your hands into the air

As if the steering wheel’s not there

Or hug the curves and take it slow

Then drive as fast as you can go

Life’s a ride and only you

Can choose the way to make it roll.

There will be hills that you must climb

But sometimes you will see

From the top of some high plateau

The way that things should be

Yet don’t assume as you descend

You know what’s waiting at the end.

The road won’t always lead you

To the place that you had planned

And if it takes you somewhere new

Someplace you’ve never been

Have faith, the best day of your life

Might be just around that bend.

So if you’ve got an open heart

And a desire to explore

The world is always there for you

Waiting right outside your door

And if by chance you round a curve

And catch a glimpse of sky

Reflecting back some shadow

As you are passing by

Don’t be alarmed

It’s just your spirit

Flying alongside.

Ilona Elliott


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