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Original Prose: The Evening Routine

Amber shafts streaming through branches

Bright shapes pooling on the lawn

In changing light as sunset advances.

Breaths of excitement from the malamute,

Brown eyes riveted on the leash hanging by the door.

Encircling the neck the collar disappears

Into the thick black and white cape of fur

“Stay still while I try to fasten this thing!”

Tail wagging.  Gate latch loudly creaking.  We’re off!

Crunch-crunch sniff-sniff sled dog pulling past

Gravel flying sideways in the mad driveway dash

Hitting the pavement and turning north

Puffs of winter green from sun baked boughs

Stay right past the mailbox

Pink and black nose does the quick sniff test

At the post.

Veering left, across the road

Dazzled by the light,

Along the clear cut

Splotched with rye grass golds,

Sunshine yellows,

Vine maple reds.

Small birds diving

In and out.

The leash straining behind the nose dive.

Land sloping steeply

To a scraggly fir tree green belt

Between the clear cuts

A place to rest your eyes.

Thick carpets of evergreen draped slopes

Reaching west to the Willapa Hills.

Blue green layers

Fading deep lilac

To purple gray on distant peaks.

Cobalt skies still sparkle overhead

As watercolor washes

The color of ripe peaches

Spread along the horizon.

Fragrant evening-sweet air

Rising up from tangles of earthy vegetation

Violet green swallows lined up on power lines

Dive bombing acrobats catching bugs in mid- air.

Doves cooing. Song birds serenading.

Lonely train whistles fading.

It’s a mile to the end of the road and back.

Breathe…Let go… Relax.

Ilona Elliott

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