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The Goddess of I-5

The Goddess of I-5

I met her at the Arco Station
Where she was asking for spare dollars,
And when I tipped my head back to my car
And reached in for my wallet,

She said her name was Angel
And she was walking to save the planet.
When I handed her a twenty
She asked me for a hundred.

A long raincoat and a back pack and a pair of hiking shoes
And if you know any mechanics I could use a vehicle too.
She was open for suggestions,
On which direction she should go
She said Seattle’s out of the question
And stay away from Portland too.

She was pushing all the buttons,
And searching for the one
That would buy her time in someone’s car
A little shelter from the sun.

There’s a store across the interstate
Were you can find some shoes
But twenties really all the help,
That I can give to you.

She looked at me through huge blue eyes
Her young face brown and creased
And as I turned to walk away
She smiled through broken teeth
And said
I’m a goddess and a good one
And her eyes shone silver and blue
I’m definitely a goddess
It’s been a pleasure to meet you.

As I drove away I wondered
Where that goddess had come from
Was her childhood a nightmare,
Or perhaps a happy one?
Did someone worry where she was,
And was she still alive?

She’s alive and she’s a goddess,

She’s definitely a goddess

She’s the goddess of I-5.

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