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Democracy’s Last Waltz

Opportunities for change will always come and go,

In this great country of ours, and I really just don’t know,

Why Dancing with the Stars is such a popular show

With children dying in our schools and Veterans living on the road.

While there’s frustration in the Senate

And obstruction in the House

And FOX and MSNBC and all the talking heads

Spend 24 hours of everyday arguing politics

And the lobbyists are paying the homeless

To stand in line and wait

And every word from O’Reily’s mouth

Is swallowed up like bait

By folks who want to blame someone

For this sad state of affairs

And all the press can talk about is Michelle Obama’s hair?

People camped out in Manhattan, Chicago and DC

Were disparaged by the candidates who really could not see

What the hell they’re all so mad about, go home and get a job

(I’d love to see them say that in the middle of the mob!)

But they hide behind the networks hosting ridiculous debates

And no one bothers to correct the lies made by the candidates

Nobody even questions now how money equals power

Because America’s just too busy watching Dancing with the Stars.

Social media can spark debates or start an Arab Spring

While Facebook fans share recipes and other frivolous things

(Like what they ate for breakfast and how Katy Perry sings)

Gun violence and climate change are not acceptable

Subjects for discussion while sipping cocktails

So leave your causes at the door, or better yet go home

While we discuss the merits of the cha cha and tango

We worked all day for so much less than anyone ever dreamed

We’re tired and all we want to do is blow a little steam

While we continue to ignore the death of the American dream

Seems it simply doesn’t matter if no one really knows

What Monsanto’s engineering into the crops our farmer’s grow

Or what’s killing off the honey bees or poisoning our wells

Leave it to the activists, Greenpeace, go give em hell.

The Fracking will continue as long as we comply

With a system that rewards the rich and those who simply buy

The influence and power to make things go their way

Meanwhile our democracy gets weaker everyday

In the end it’s not Obama care or extrication from these wars

That threaten our great country the patriots fought for

It’s the indifference and the ignorance of citizens near and far

It’s America sitting on the couch watching Dancing with the Stars.

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